brotgrow Searchlight Rechargeable 7000 Lumens 6000mAh Flashlight Waterproof Searchlight with 5 Light Model (Silver)

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  • 【LIGHT SUPER BRIGHT】- Our flashlight has 5 lighting modes. (Main Light: high / low, Side Light: high-low-sos ). You can use it on different lighting requirenment. SOS mode could let you get help more easily when you in danger at dark night.
  • 【 USB RECHARGEABLE & Power Bank】- Built-in 6000mAh rechargeable batteries(Li-battery). Rechargeable led torch can be recharged by USB port, also can an serve as a power bank for your smartphone or mobile devices in emergency. With just 8 hours charge, the spotlight can provide up to 8-12 hours of high-brightness light.
  • 【IPX4 Waterproof & Small for Portable】- You have many ways to carry our searchlights. You can work with shoulder strap and it's bottom has a screw hole can mount the survival light on tripod or bicycle holder to free your hands (Include tripod, but does not include bike stand) and it's waterproof grade of IPX4, but it can't be put into underwater.
  • 【Widely used】- The included tripod, shoulder strap and mini lamp make it more widely used. Not only as a searchlight, but also as a camping lantern, signal light and emergency power bank. Ideal for camping, fishing, car inspection, hunting, outdoor expeditions, and emergencies.
  • 【Important】- If you receive a defective product, contact us, and we sincerely hope you can contact us at any time.


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brotgrow Searchlight Rechargeable 7000 Lumens

I really needed a bright flashlight, besides the one on my cell phone. Sometimes you may be speaking with someone in a need of a separate light. I love that it has options, also that it has a separate torch light on the side. Be very careful not to shine either one in your face, especially if you are prone to seizures. It also may help if you run it through all of the options, so that every time you turn it on you know exactly what light you are getting. This one is rechargeable, Which means you don't have to continue replacing batteries, if you are using it for long periods of time. I'll give it five stars, it deserves it, I love it

Grade  US

brotgrow Searchlight Rechargeable 7000 Lumens

I have to walk my dog at night and this spotlight really provides the spotlight power and sidelight that I need. There are coyotes in my neighborhood and the high beam really lets me light up the walk ahead for significant distance, so that if I need to make a change in the walk, I can easily do it. The side light is adequate, but I kind of wish it were a little more powerful. I took it out on a rainy night and it was fine.

Grade  US

brotgrow Searchlight Rechargeable 7000 Lumens

Very bright light . We have a 3/4 acre pond and noticed a baby gator swimming around the other night. We have a 3 year old grandson who spends a lot of time in the pond and a baby gator is not welcome. Ordered the light and got it the next day. When you shin a bright light at night into the pond the gators eye show up as if they were internally lit up. Got the net and grabbed the gator up and relocated him to safer far off waters.

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brotgrow Searchlight Rechargeable 7000 Lumens 6000mAh Flashlight Waterproof Searchlight with 5 Light Model (Silver)

brotgrow Searchlight Rechargeable 7000 Lumens 6000mAh Flashlight Waterproof Searchlight with 5 Light Model (Silver)

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